UEB’s freshmen at the Teambuilding session

The teambuilding is a part of the UEB’s welcoming activities for freshmen of QH-2019-E intake
In the afternoon of September 21, 2019, VNU University of Economics and Business organized the teambuilding activity under the theme of “Invisible Whirlpool” to welcome the freshmen of intake QH-2019-E at Cau Giay Park.

The teambuilding aimed at bringing freshmen closer together, creating opportunities for them to make friends and get familiar to the university. For this reason, a series of team challenges from physical activities to critical thinking were designed for the program.


Freshmen participating in the first session of the activities


Freshmen were excited to participate in the challenges


The "mind-blowing" questions raised by organizers were not easy to answer


The highlight of the day was a game called "Baiting"


The program was filled with the excitement and enthusiasm 


The teambuilding ended with the final victory of the 16th team. Not only did it leave memorable moments for UEB students, but it also initiated a series of interesting activities to welcome the freshmen to the UEB.

The winning team of the 2019 Teambuilding session 
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