UEB’s Book festival with the message “Say no to plastic waste”

Book festival is an annual event of VNU University of Economics and Business
On October 5, the Youth Union and Student Association of VNU University of Economics and Business held the 2019 Book Festival. The event helped to circulate more than 1,000 titles, and passed on the message “Say no to plastic waste”.

“Book festival” is an occasion for student to exchange old but still useful books with the spirit of “it’s old for me but new to them”, thereby promoting thrift as well as the knowledge on how to reuse books effectively.

Earlier, in 3 mornings of receiving books at Vietnam Australia Building Campus, Ho Tung Mau, E4, Bighugs Voluntary Club had collected over 500 books of various kinds including textbooks, books, novels, etc. with the number up to more than 1,200 books to be ready for the event.


The Book festival is also a meet and greet between alumni and students from other universities and students of UEB

At 8am, October 5, the book festival officially started at E4 yard. Although the weather was quite unfavourable, with rain drizzling down, but it still attracted more than 150 students to participate. Everyone was able to choose books that suit their needs. A lot of new books had been exchanged to new ones, which shows the readers’ speed of reading, the care and maintenance of books. Interestingly, no one is concerned about neither the price nor the age of the books. What seemed to be the most important was whether the content was right for them. In the festival, books on life skills and foreign languages were the most in demand.


Although the weather was not ideal, more than 1000 titles were exchanged

Lan, a student who participated in the book festival, shared: “I have been interested in this program ever since the first announcement. This is truly a very meaningful activity, especially for freshmen like us. In addition to getting my favourite books, I also made new friends and joined in collective activities. I really hope the book festival will be organized more often, on a larger scale, with the improvement of both the quantity and quality of books.”


Bighugs volunteers also had a separate space to display photos of the events that club had organized

In addition to the stalls of old books to choose from, Bighugs Volunteering Club also had a stall selling new books at discounted prices, which attracted a lot of attention.

In addition to the main activity of exchanging books, Bighugs volunteers also created many unique product models, propaganda banners with the message of saying No to plastic waste such as the slogan “Reduce plastic waste, more topping", the use of cans and bottles to grow vegetables, grow flowers, limiting emissions to the environment to save Mother Earth, etc.


The message "Say no to plastic waste" was repeatedly mentioned at the 2019 Book Festival

The event also had a cultural exchange with the participation of Volunteer Club and Guitar Club members, as well as the help of Media and Communication Club (MCC). This was also an opportunity to connect students as well as the school clubs together.


The Bighugs Volunteer Club, University of Economics and Business - VNU had a success that exceeded their expectations

Mr. Nguyen Trung Phong - Secretary of UEB Youth Union said: The book exchange day is an annual event of the VNU University of Economics and Business Youth Union and Student Association on an increasingly larger scale. Through the event, more than 1,000 books had been circulated. The books will be donated to children in upland localities in Ha Giang in the upcoming Warm Winter 2019 campaign. Hopefully, with this success, the 2020 Book Festival will take place even more jubilantly, creating a reputation and feature of VNU University of Economics and Business students.

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