UEB’s project at the most developed African country

The Research Team works with the management board of the Green Water Front building, using solar energy for all electricity consumption.
Within the framework of the State-level project "Developing a green financial system to promote green economy in Vietnam" by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Tu, Dean of Banking and Finance Faculty, VNU University of Economics and Business as the project leader, the research team conducted field surveys and in-depth interviews with experts, banks and investors in the Republic of South Africa, from 24 to 30 October, 2019.

The research team worked with experts on corporate governance, environmental risks, and green bonds at IFC headquarter in Johannesburg, one of the three capitals of South Africa. The research team shared research results and discussed the current situations of the green banking system and green bond development in Vietnam. From IFC and South Africa's experiences in developing green financial system, IFC experts discussed and commented on research results as well as policy recommendations for Vietnam. The team also conducted in-depth interviews with IFC's experts on risk management, social and environmental responsibility about the difficulties, obstacles and the role of South African Government in developing the green financial system investments in South Africa.


Research Team worked with IFC in South Africa

The team also surveyed, visited and learned experience in the development of green investment systems, especially renewable energy systems, water-saving systems, waste treatment systems in Cape Town, the second city of South Africa. Its economy is ranked first in Africa with a per capita income of more than $6300 per year, which is mainly contributed by the mining, finance and tourism industries. The private sector and foreign organizations play an important role in developing green investment and green economy, while Government’s role is not clear.


The research team had an in-depth interview with experts in South Africa

At the end of the tour, the research team obtained useful research findings and in-depth interviews, serving to propose solutions and policy recommendations to promote the green financial system in Vietnam. At the same time, the tour also created more opportunities for cooperation and research with new partners in Africa.


In-depth interviews with travel agency representatives, the green economy contributed most to South Africa's GDP growth

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