Student Exchange at Chung Ang University in 2019

Vietnamese students at CAU Global Fair 2019
During their second semester, two students Pham Diem Thuy Tien from QH-E-2016, Faculty of International Business and Economics and Nguyen Anh Thu from QH-E-2017 Faculty of Banking and Finance came to Korea for their exchange program, which last for 4 months.

The program lies within mutual agreement on student exchange between the UEB and Chung-Ang University. After the exchange, the students received a certificate of the exchange course at Chung-Ang University and were allowed to get their scores transferred.

Everything is different

Dormitory admission day 

Saying goodbye to the heat 40 °C of Hanoi, two students from the UEB started the exchange course in Seoul, Korea, where the temperature dropped below zero and it was freezing outsides. Not only the weather, the traffic is also widely different when major vehicles on streets are not motorbikes but cars, subways and buses. The new environment posed great challenges for the students at first, but they gradually got used to it and learn to love Korea.

Ideal learning environment and enthusiastic reception

Chung-Ang University is a prestigious university, ranked 7th among the best universities in Korea. The school has a wide range of disciplines: Economics, Art, Law, Languages, etc. With the program of teaching and learning in English, the students work with fellows from all over the world that gives them insights into different cultures.

Orientation day 

Moreover, the learning spirit of Korean students is highly appreciated. Although it’s not during the exam season, the self-study rooms and libraries are always full of students. This is a motivation for UEB’s students to strive in study.

To promote exchange activities between exchange students and Korean students, the university also organized Global Fair. Besides introducing the culture, the students also promoted their university to international friends.

The university also arranged Global Lounge, a private space for Korean students and students to exchange and improve their language (English, French, and Korean).

Students in Global Lounge
From the left, UEB's students - Nguyen Diem Thuy Tien and Nguyen Anh Thu received the course certificates.

Learning goes hand in hand with experience!

One of the factors that made the exchange program special to the students was the cultural exchange programs and field trips. During the semester, exchange students will have the opportunity to attend 4 trips to explore Korean culture through the "CAU Korea Exploration Program" including: Cruise on the Han River, visiting Nami Island, the traditional Yang Pyeong village and temples in Seoul.

Some cultural exploration programs and field trips 

In addition, students living in dormitories will have the opportunity to participate in activities related to cultural exchange organized by the dormitories.

2019 CAU exchange student farewell ceremony.  
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