UEB’s students are interested in learning online

Mr. Le Tu Minh (left, bottom), Mr. Le Duy Anh (right, top) and Rector, Assoc. Prof.PhD Nguyen Truc Le and Vice Rector, Assoc. Prof.PhD. Nguyen Manh Tuan attended the Conference
Among 1,600 students taking part in the survey, there are 1,300 students who want to study online till the end of the term and most of them think that doing assignments as final-term exam is appropriate.

The data were presented at the online conference of class presidents, Youth Union and Student Association of the UEB on April 24th, 2020. Attending the conference were Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Truc Le, Vice Rectors and leaders of faculties and more than 140 officials.

The conference also has the participation of Mr. Le Tu Minh and Mr. Le Duy Anh, UEB’s alumni. Mr. Le Tu Minh is currently the President of IMG Group and Chairman of the Alumni Association of UEB.

Sharing with students of UEB, Mr. Minh said, "I am not a musician. I composed “Let's Walk to Glory" - a song that promotes the spirit of fighting against the Covid-19 epidemic with the desire to do something good for the community, like what I am doing for my University with the IMG scholarship, which values more than 1 billion VND, awarded within 10 years and this is the 6th consecutive year.”

 Mr. Le Tu Minh (left) and Mr.Le Duy Anh talked to UEB's students

Alumni Le Duy Anh, currently General Director of Xuan Hoa Company said, he will accompany the UEB in organizing short courses, training course and willing to receive a large number of UEB’s students for their internship.

On behalf of the University, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Truc Le thanked the two alumni for their valuable support.

Back at the conference, the classes’ presidents presented some recommendations to UEB’s managing board. In particular, most of the students want a tuition deduction for online study. They also expressed interest in doing large assignments instead of taking exams in the classroom, which helps they remember knowledge better and deeper.

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Le Trung Thanh - Head of Office of Academic Affairs answered the students' questions

At the conference, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Truc Le - Rector of UEB answered students' questions directly, regarding tuition fees and other support for the students such as 3G service, student loan with zero interest from banks. In the meantime, the University will work on schedule to reopen in-class courses, studying method and exams. Announcement will be updated on this website and the UEB Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ueb.edu.vn

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