Inbound student exchange – distinction in training program

While UEB’s students have already become familiar with international exchange programs with prestigious universities all over the world, yet another opportunity is opened for them to take exchange courses with other top universities for economics in Vietnam.

Changes in labor market – motivation for distinction in undergraduate training program

The world of work is undergoing major process of changes with industrial revolution 4.0. Thus, the new generation of workforce is required to have remarkable ability to adapt to changing situations and work in a creative way. In particular, the students need to equip themselves with specialized knowledge, adaptation skills, foreign languages, teamwork and time management etc. Understanding the requirement, the UEB is creating an open environment for the students to take exchange programs with top universities in economics in Vietnam, which promises to create competitive advantage for undergraduate programs of the UEB. 

Benefits for the students taking inbound exchange program

  • Diverse studying environment
  • Opportunities to study and exchange with lecturers and students from all over the country
  • Chances to obtain practical soft skills: adaptation, personal management, time management, financial management etc.
  • Practical experiences, opportunities to expose themselves with historic and cultural attractions and culinary specialties

The UEB heading to comprehensive teaching innovation

In the era of digital era and Internet, information easily spread causing the teaching to adapt compulsory changes to meet the new demand of the labor market. Online survey shows that 90% of students want to take inbound exchange programs with 3 most favorable provinces as Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Da Lat. Taking the demand from the students, the UEB is developing exchange courses to create opportunities for the students to experience diverse learning environment and explore regional culture and history. The programs are expected to be conducted from summer 2021.

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