Military Bank experts pointed out 5 skills for graduate students

Most students in their 3rd and 4th year are greatly interested in recruitment. Therefore, the UEB together with Military Bank (MB) experts held the seminar on "Digital banking interaction and technology application of banks in the 4.0 era", in which MB's experts pointed out the skills that UEB’s students are required to convince employers.

The seminar took place on May 9 and lied within the framework of monthly skill training course of Faculty of Banking and Finance. The three speakers of the program were Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy - Deputy Director of Digital Banking Division, Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Ha - Director of Hanoi Region 1 Science and Technology Division, Ms. Pham Thu Ngan - Product Manager, Science and Technology Division. The three speakers of MB gave students practical sharing on the implementation of this activity at MB. There is also Q&A section with more than 20 questions from the students.

 Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Ha, Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy, Ms. Pham Thu Ngan (from left to right)

This is the 3rd seminar that Faculty of Finance and Banking held during Covid-19 pandemic and it seems that students are getting more excited about these events. Although it was Saturday morning, more than 200 students participated.

The seminar was chaired by PhD. Dinh Thi Thanh Van - Associate Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking.

Attending and speaking at the seminar, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Anh Thu said: “I want to thank the Faculty of Finance and Banking and the speakers who participated, who create this playground and forum for the students, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

 Representative leaders of UEB and MBBank exchanged in the program 
At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy shared with students of UEB the basic knowledge about digital banking, the 10-year process of building digital banking at MB. He also talked about the digital platforms and products such as App MB.
 The sharing of App MBBank is in progress 

Representatives from MB gave UEB’s students a lot of useful advice on how to manage their personal finances effectively so that they can save money and increase their assets. After the presentation of Mr. Huy, many questions were given, such as the difference between e-banking and digital banking, or how the bank satisfy customer’s needs when switching from single-channel (one product for the counter) to a multi-channel format (Omnichannel), the cooperation between banks and Fintech companies etc.

Afterward, Ms. Ngan shared the product development in the 4.0 era. She said the current trend is that banks and organizations are interested in developing products, which focus on the customers. That is also the reason why MB launched the product "MB Family - My family loves". With the idea, every human being goes through the same developmental process, and the family is the most important thing for each person. The product will integrate a variety of utilities to serve the needs of all family members.

 Ms. Pham Thu Ngan 

After presentations from guest speakers, students were eager to ask questions relating to changes in recruitment needs in digital era, personal development, self-training etc.

This is the third seminar in the online training series of the Faculty of Finance and Banking which were well received by the students. Hopefully, they can learn various useful knowledge from sincere sharing of lecturers and experts.
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