More than 1,500 students signed up for Digital Marketing online courses

The online digital marketing course under the "Vietnam Launchers Digital 4.0" program has attracted more than 1,500 applications from students / alumni of the University of Economics and Business (UEB), as well as other universities and business leaders of small and medium enterprises.

This is the number of registrations in the first 2 weeks of a series of courses conducted by the Faculty of International Business and Economics, UEB in cooperation with RSVP Joint Stock Company – the one undertaking the project "Vietnam Launchers Digital 4.0".

Specific numbers: from 6-12 April attracted more than 500 registrations and 13-14 April attracted over 1,000 registrations; in which the percentage of participants is 60% of the registration. 
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Under the program "Vietnam Launchers Digital 4.0" - Google's non-profit program, Faculty of International Business and Economics and its partner, RSVP Joint Stock Company will organize a series of courses on topics such as "Mastering the online communication channel", "Working effectively with online slides and Self-expression skills"; "Develop a social media communication strategy and write content that attracts customers on social media"; "Tips for measuring the level of online success"; "Build a quality website and create a business presence on Google"; "Mastering online media channels and planning digital marketing" ... The program is diverse in topics, takes place regularly, questions from students are answered directly.

PhD. Nguyen Tien Minh – Associate Dean of the Faculty of International Business and Economics highly appreciated the strategic cooperation between the Faculty and RSVP Joint Stock Company within the framework of the project. As a lecturer of e-commerce with many years of experiences in business management and communications, he affirmed that the knowledge provided by professional Google coaches is very necessary for students of the Faculty in particular and the students of the whole university in general. He said that the Faculty will continue to cooperate with RSVP Joint Stock Company to continue building more suitable courses and seminars for students.

In particular, students will receive a Google certificate after completing the course.


Student Nguyen Thu Trang - Secretary of the Youth Union of the Faculty said: “The Digital Marketing course of Vietnam Launchers Digital 4.0 program is a meaningful course. I wanted to take the course before, but I did not have time and traveling is hard. However, when the Faculty held this workshop online, I as well as many other students could easily sign up for the course, to gain more knowledge during the Covid-19 epidemic period. This is a great opportunity for us to approach the teaching and point of view of businesses in the field of marketing, which is a more practical perspective than learning in the classroom. I have attended 4 sessions last week, and found that the trainers are very cute with a close communication style and easy to understand. Examples and interesting case studies provide new perspectives on the advertising content of famous businesses. The other students participating in the course are not only students of the Faculty, also from many places across the country, with many different components, including students and private businesses."

Participants actively interacted through a chat frame with each other and with the speakers, expanding their perspectives. In addition to professional knowledge, I can also learn more about presentation skills, slide design through professional and methodical presentations of speakers. The course is really meaningful, and I hope, in the near future, the Faculty can cooperate with businesses to bring more useful and interesting courses for students of the Faculty in particular and students of the UEB in general”.

RSVP Joint Stock Company and the Faculty of International Business and Economics have agreed to co-organize online courses from April 4-2020 - 12/2020. Students of the Faculty in particular and students of the UEB in general will be able to participate in free training courses on soft skills, digital skills, business skills held by prestigious Google experts. They are managers, business owners in well-known companies and organizations with many years of experiences, ensuring a solid foundation knowledge for each student attending the course.

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