Six UEB’s students to receive Vingroup scholarships

Among 50 students of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) who received Vingroup scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year, there are 6 students from the University of Economics and Business. Each scholarship is worth 10 million VND. The ceremony took place on May 29th at Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Making a speech at the ceremony, Mr. Dinh Van Huong - Head of the Office of Politics and Student Affairs of VNU highly appreciated the financial and spiritual value of the scholarship to VNU's students.

Ms. Bui Thanh Hanh - Head of Development Cooperation Department, VinUni University, expressed the hope that this scholarship program would encourage the learning and training spirit of students and cooperation activities between Vingroup and VNU would continue to develop in 2020.

Overview of the ceremony 

Hoang Duc Chinh, the student of Faculty of International Economics and Business, University of Economics and Business, representing the students who received the scholarship, showed the deep gratitude for Vingroup and VNU. He said “University has changed us the most. University students have the rights and responsibilities to decide their future. I have applied for many different scholarship programs within and outside VNU, and I think that, Vingroup scholarship is the most demanding scholarship”. He also said that this scholarship was a recognition, a reward for the continuous efforts of 50 students receiving scholarships on this occasion. "It is a valid assessment for young people who have made the right choice and dare to change themselves for a bright future" - Hoang Duc Chinh shared.


List of 6 UEB’s students receiving this scholarship:

  1. Pham Thi Thao Chi, QH-2016-E, Faculty of International Economics
  2. Nguyen Thao Linh, QH-2016-E, Faculty of Accounting
  3. Le Trung Hieu, QH-2016-E, Faculty of Business Administration
  4. Tran Thu Xuan, QH-2016-E, Faculty of Development Economics
  5. Nguyen Thanh Hang, QH-2016-E, Faculty of International Economics
  6. Hoang Duc Chinh, QH-2016-E, Faculty of International Economics.
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