Series of seminars for students of Finance and Banking every Saturday

Apart from sharing about expertise, speakers also offered a host of scholarships
Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Faculty of Finance and Banking, VNU University of Economics and Business held a series of courses and seminars for students every Saturday morning.

5 seminars with the participation of many leading experts in Finance and Banking field provided students of Faculty of Finance and Banking with a large amount of basic knowledge to impress potential employers.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, students of VNU University of Economics and Business had to study online in the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year. To ensure a sufficient amount of knowledge and skills for students, Faculty of Finance and Banking immediately planned a series of seminar. Opening was a very hot topic that was Covid-19 's influence on the operation of the Bank and the feelings of Finance and Banking students delivered  by  Mr. Doan Duc Minh - Deputy General Director of PvcomBank. The seminar took place online and attracted a large number of students. With his experience and the reality of the crisis response plan, Mr. Minh provided students with a great amount of knowledge about risk management, especially raised some situations for "future experts" to practice.


The seminar with Assoc.Prof.PhD. Quach Manh Hao - Director of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, UK gave students of Faculty of Finance and Banking a visual comparison between US crude oil market and Vietnam pork market. Although it is impossible to draw a comparison between the two markets, the seminar helped the student understand the mechanism and insight of the markets.

The following seminar came with presentation from Assoc.Prof.PhD. Ngo Duc Anh - Professor of Norfolk State University, USA on environment, culture and education in the US. As many students dreamed of studying in the US, the seminar gave them updated information, how to prepare and avoid culture shock.

The success of the seminar series has confirmed the pioneering of Faculty of Finance and Banking in innovating teaching activities at the UEB. The seminar was inspired by the students' needs for internships, studying abroad, job opportunities, and environmental adaptation.


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