A day at the UEB for high school students in Hai Phong

Students visit Faculty of Development Economics
On the morning of July 7th, 2020, more than 60 students of Tien Lang high school, Hai Phong visited VNU University of Economics and Business. There, PhD. Nguyen Dinh Tien, lecturer of Faculty of Development Economics shared his learning path which was arduous but glorious.


The performance of SOS music club


Parents found out about enrollment information of UEB

“After finishing school year, we decided to take our children to visit Ha Noi, especially visit some universities. VNU is the biggest university in Viet Nam, so we want to visit VNU- UEB” Mr. Pham Thanh Long, the parents’ representative.


MA. Nguyen Thi Thu, head of admission office, VNU University of Economics and Business introduced about school, training majors and International affiliate program

PhD. Nguyen Dinh Tien shared: “I was born in a poor family in Hai Duong province. My parents couldn’t afford to pay my university tuition fees; therefore, I did a lot of part time jobs during 4 years at university. In addition, I took advantages of my holidays to transplant rice and mentor my younger brothers and sisters. After graduation, I was given MA and PhD scholarships in Philippines. When I came back , I took many different positions. And now, I am a lecturer of VNU University of Economics and Business.”


PhD. Nguyen Dinh Tien shared his learning story


Parents, students and lecturers took photos to keep unforgettable experience at the age of 17


The group of students visited VNU library

At the end of the trip, Mr. Pham Thanh Long thanked to Office of Admissions for creating the opportunity for students to visit and experience the higher education environment, and believed that many students would search for more information about the school online.

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