10 noteworthy achievements of the VNU University of Economics and Business in 2020

The year 2020 continues to see remarkable transformation of VNU University of Economics and Business with many innovative activities. It is our great honor to present to readers the 10 noteworthy achievements of the UEB in 2020.

1. Improvement of facilities, completion of the green university project

The year 2020 witnessed an enormous improvement of UEB's facility system. The E4 Building had its appearance transformed following the project “Green University.” The building was covered with green trees and flowers. The offices and stairs were modernized following the Western-style, an increased number of high quality classrooms for students. Ho Tung Mau study hall was brought into operation with high-quality facilities, the Vietnam-Australian study hall was also upgraded. The modern teaching aids were well-established in sufficient quantity. The university also created several co-working spaces for self-learning, and reading spaces for staff, faculty members and learners.


2. Successfully organize the Sixth Party Congress of UEB

The UEB's Communist Party held the Sixth Party Congress, term 2020-2025 on July 15th-16th, 2020. After two days of working with the spirit of “Unity - Democracy - Discipline - Innovation”, the Sixth Party Congress was completed successfully. The event strongly supported the University to overcome difficulties, take advantage of new opportunities, and strive for the slogan of “Create breakthrough development - Reach international level.” At the general meeting, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Truc Le was elected as the Secretary of the Sixth Party Congress of UEB for the term 2020 - 2025.


3. Implementing effective online learning during the Covid-19 outbreak

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak at the beginning of 2020, the University switched all undergraduate and graduate classes to online learning. The university also applied training management software, created favorable conditions for faculty members in teaching and academic stuffs.


4. Launching the Training Program for Sports Talent

Following the guidelines from VNU and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the University of Economics and Business coordinated with Vietnam Sports Administration to organize the Business Administration training program for Sports Talent. By doing this, after retiring, they can have a stable career, settle down, and continue to contribute to the national sport. The program was designed specifically for professional athletes with flexible learning time to fit the match and training schedule.



5. Pioneering in domestic credit exchange

To create diverse learning experiences for students, the University of Economics and Business pioneer in signing the memorandum of understandings with leading universities in economics such as VNU University of Economics and Law, HCM; University Of Economics - The University Of Danang; Nha Trang University; Can Tho University and Tay Nguyen University in the near future.



6. Maintaining the high enrolment, enhancing the internationalization index and fostering innovation in teaching activities

In 2020, the University of Economics and Business set the enrolment goal of 1,200 students for six undergraduate programs. After the admission season, the University succeeded not only in student enrolment but also in quality enhancement of domestic and international training programs.


7. Affirming the brand of UEB in scientific research

In 2020, the UEB conducted various activities as a leading scientific research center. The University successfully organized 28 international and national conferences, including the Vietnam-Germany Economic and Trade Forum, the Vietnam Economic Annual Report Conference 2020, and the CIECI International Conference 2020, International Conference on Leadership and Management in the Digital Transition Period, etc.


8. Organizing large-scale start-up competitions for students

To create an opportunities for all students to try their hands at start-ups, the university has organized a lot of large scale competitions attracting a large number of students in Hanoi. The “Proper Understanding of Money” competition, which was coordinated by the UEB and the Communication Department - State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) attracted thousands of students to participate. The Business Challenges Season 5, organized by the University in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Vietnam, was attended by several large enterprises and 1,000 participants. The ongoing competition will come to an end by March 2021.



9. Developing toward  international standards in quality assurance 

The University completed the quality assurance in training programs for higher education of the Faculty of Development Economics, reaching the target of 100 percent of undergraduate training programs being accredited following the standards issued by the Ministry of Education and Training.

10. Introduce the UEB’s Vietnam-U.K. Friendship Association

In 2020, the University of Economics and Business and Vietnam–UK Friendship Association launched the Vietnam-British Friendship Sub-association at the University of Economics and Business. With over 70 percent of lecturers being graduates from developed countries, including a majority from the U.K., the UEB’s Vietnam-U.K. Friendship Sub-association would be the ideal place for cultural exchange, becoming the educational bridge, and strengthening the relationship between the two countries. This is also a great chance to introduce Vietnamese culture to UEB's friends in England and build a friendly and cooperative relationship between the two countries.

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