UEB’s booth attracted students on university admission and information day

Despite the cold weather, the university admission and information day 2021 has attracted more than 8,000 students on January 9th, 2021 at Vinh University - Nghe An and University of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Thanh Hoa on January 10th, 2021.

The “trendy” major that boost the chance of getting a job

Economic sector always requires a large number of labor force. Therefore, this is the top choice of high school students and parents for their career path in the future. In two days of the event in Nghe An and Thanh Hoa, many students and parents were interested, learning about the training majors of VNU University of Economics and Business as well as high-quality training programs, internships and practical learning methods when being an UEBer in 2021.

To answer the common question of “Which major to choose?” VNU University of Economics and Business offers all majors in International Economics, Business administration, Finance - Banking, Accounting, Economics and Development Economics.
In particular, in 2021, VNU University of Economics and Business will recruit students for a training program in Business Administration for sports talents, attracting the attention of many high school students who have won medals at Phu Dong Sport Festival at the provincial, city or national level.

Varied admission methods to VNU University of Economics and Business

In 2021, there are 6 “paths” to UEB including Assessment on high school graduation exam scores, Assessment on international English certificates together with the result of the other 2 subjects, Admission for the A-Level certificate, SAT and ACT results, Direct admission and admission for priority, especially the method of admission following the results of the capacity assessment test organized by VNU. Particularly for the Business Administration program for sports talents, candidates will be recruited by assessing their transcripts and interview.

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