International joint training programs for the education internationalization of the UEB

At the VNU University of Economics and Business, training cooperation aims to fully exploit the strengths of partners to bring the benefits to students, improve the training quality as well as provide the society with qualified human resources. In realizing this goal, the UEB has been expanding its network with prestigious partners worldwide and opened international joint training programs which offer great values for students.

Grasping the trend of global integration in education, the VNU University of Economics and Business established the Center for International Education and Training (CITE) in 2009 with the desire to build and develop the high quality international programs for students and learners.

To date, the center has become a reliable partner of more than 40 universities and research institutes in 12 countries and territories. Among them are the top regional and international universities:

  • Troy University from the US - Top best universities in the South of America.
  • University of St. Francis - Top best universities in the Mid-West region of the United States, being ranked among the Colleges of Distinction of the United States since 2011.
  • Benedictine University – Top University in Central and North America
  • Uppsala University – Top 2 university in Sweden, Top 100 in the world in 2021 according to THE



Learners of the MBA Benedictine intake 16 together with teachers and staff of the center
Over 10 years of operation, CITE-UEB has become the first choice of thousands of Vietnamese students who want to take up the Bachelor and Master in international joint training programs.

The center has been strived for the mission to bring learners the most up-to-date, international-standard knowledge in majors such as: Business Administration, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Public Management, Management of Financial Institutions with the reasonable tuition fees that equal to only 30-50% of standard tuition fees in the host country. The CITE-UEB set its first priority in developing the high-class learning and research environment, which put students and learners at the center of the training programs.


Currently, the Center for International Education and Training is offering the following programs:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BSBA Troy) with Troy University, US
  2. The USF MBA Master's Program with the University of St. Francis, US
  3. Master Program in Public Management with Uppsala University, Sweden


In the academic year of 2021-2022, in addition to the existing training programs, the CITE - UEB launches the joint training program of Bachelor of Business Administration with the University of St. Francis – United States (BBA - USF). The program is promised to be a great choice for students with outstanding advantages.

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