Study with BSBA Troy-UEB's students

The students enrolled at the joint training programs at the UEB enjoy all preferential benefits of a regular undergraduate student. Besides, they have chance to take part in diverse extra-curricular activities during their study. Let’s look at the trips and activities taken by students of the BSBA with Troy University.

Arts and Humanities
With this "different" subject, Troy-UEB students learn about different humanities subjects such as literature, music, art, figurative culture, comic, graphic narrative, architecture and urban space, philosophy… The subject provides students with an understanding of creative practices, cultural values ​​and an understanding of the diversity of mankind in the past and present.
Students recreated portraits with buttons
Map of Vietnam composed by bottle caps
Making a Wall.E Robot model from cardboard
Music Perception
Besides, the Troy-UEB students also learn to appreciate music, an exciting subject. In addition to lessons, they have chances to enjoy performances and concerts at the Goeth Institute, the French Cultural Center and the Vietnam National Academy of Music.... Through the performances, the students have the opportunities to meet Vietnamese and international artists and corporate all they have learnt in a mini concert at the end of the course.
BSBA Troy students enjoy music performances
Sports and cultural exchange, teambuilding activities
BSBA students at CITE also take part in various sport and cultural exchange such the football tournaments with international universities in Hanoi; the week of cultural and sports exchanges between universities in the Mekong region...
Students participate in football tournaments with international universities in Hanoi
Cultural exchange in Kunming (China)
Students participate in cultural performances and exchanges with students in the Mekong River region
Team-building activities
Social and community activities
Not only active in academic and cultural exchanges, the BSBA Troy students also participate in social and community activities, which give them experiences and understanding of the disadvantaged people.
Students on a volunteer trip to Bac Ninh
Students give gifts to children at Saint An Bui Chu Orphanage
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