The miracles of Korea: Learn and grow from experiences

Korea is known as a country with high-quality education and world-class universities. That is why Tran Hong Anh, a student of the Faculty of International Economics and Business, VNU University of Economics and Business chose Korea as the destination for her international exchange program. Let's listen to her sharing about her journey of miracles in Korea!

Fulfill the dream of her 17-year-old!

From the high school, I always dreamed of studying and living in Korea. For me, it is lucky to be a student of VNU University of Economics and Business, which helped me realize my dream. After learning about the international student exchange program between VNU University of Economics and Business and Chung Ang University, Korea, I started my plan with the help from UEB’s lecturers and friends.

I look forward to the opportunities to live in a foreign country which gives me the chance to develop myself, explore culture and new things in life. This is not only about expanding my knowledge and improving language proficiency but also accumulating life skills and making new friends. Moreover, to step out of my comfort zone, I love to try my hand at learning something new, which means Korean. I think a sound knowledge of economics should go with language proficiency especially bilingual and multilingual ability. Keeping that determination in mind, in August 2020, I received the official letter of acceptance to study at Chung Ang University, Korea.


Her journey to Korea began with the "first step" at Chung Ang University!

When difficulty is no longer an obstacle!

My journey to Korea started when the Covid-19 epidemic was spreading fast globally and all over the country. In South Korea, the situation was also complicated. At that time, I assumed that I must have postponed the plan until things got better. However, with so much efforts have been spent and all things been set, I was determined to move on with my plan. My difficult journey came with inconvenient protective clothing, regular medical tests and check-ups, hours of waiting at the airport, quarantines for 14 days in Korea and 28 days when returning to Vietnam. But I have no regrets about my decision.

Also, I was not alone on my journey because the university, teachers and friends always accompany and support, not only financial support but also affection and attentive support, which helped me ease homesickness and overcome loneliness during months in Korea.


Difficulties are no longer obstacles for me, but become the motivation to "write" a beautiful "story" in Korea

Chung Ang University - A place to store magical moments

Chung Ang University is one of the top seven best universities in Korea. The University conducts student exchange activities with more than 540 universities in 58 countries. Chung Ang University comprises 10 member colleges and 16 graduate schools at 2 campuses In Seoul and Anseong. Each facility covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. The dormitory of the school is modern and well-equipped with internet, vending machine, phone etc. Besides, there are banks, post offices, ATM services, money transfer, cafes, restaurants in the campus. The university’s library is large with rich sources of books and materials.


A corner of the dormitory at Chung Ang University


"View" from Chung Ang University library

Through my studies at Chung Ang University, Korea, I have grown up and learned a lot. I attended 2 Korean courses at the university, which helped to improve my language ability. Besides, I have learned a lot from leading professors at Chung Ang University, as well as the remote support from my teachers at the Faculty of International Business and Economics. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic situation, I have to take most of the subjects online. Also, the annual activities for exchange students were also limited. However, I received regular support and caring from the university student supporter, who accompany and give me chances to enjoy the four seasons in Korea and try traditional disks of this country.

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