UEB Research and Sharing No. 3 - Solutions to facilitate production and business activities for Vietnamese business households

What are the challenges and difficulties that household business face? What institutional barriers, policies and access to credit capital and new difficulties arise for household business during the COVID-19 pandemic? How can we facilitate the household business and solve difficulties in accessing credit for them? All were answered in the UEB Research and Sharing No. 3 of VNU University of Economics and Business.

The report conducted by the Institute of Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) under the VNU University of Economics and Business; BIDV Training and Research Institute (BTRI) and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Vietnam (FNF).

With the theme "Solutions to facilitate production and business activities for Vietnamese household business", the seminar was held online and attracted participation of more than 40 experts, researchers and lecturers from domestic and foreign research institutes. The organizer also encourages students to participate, especially final-year students, who need to grasp practical information about current economic and market issues.


The presentation of the speakers: PhD. Van Luc - Chief Economist of The Vietnam Investment and Development Bank (BIDV), PhD. Phan Duc Hieu - Deputy Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management, Vietnam; PhD. Nguyen Quoc Viet - Deputy Director of the Vietnam Institute of Economic and Policy Research; Mr. Nguyen Kim Hung, Chairman of Kim Nam Group, discussed issues related to household business such as institutional barriers, policies for credit capital, solutions to solve difficulties for household business, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic...

The research results indicate that access to credit capital is a very important factor affecting the business performance of household business in addition to government support on legal procedures, tax exemptions, and environmental impacts within enterprises. Therefore, the important thing is to enhance access to capital and credit support policies of the government, banks and financial institutions for household business, thereby promoting efficiency in production and business activities.


From the findings, the report made policy recommendations to the relevant agencies. It is necessary to strengthen supports for household business; enhance policies for capital access; facilitate and encourage household business to access to credit capital; promote establishment of a business enterprise...

UEB Research and Sharing is a series of monthly seminars and talkshows within the key plan of Scientific Research and Development Cooperation in 2021 of the VNU University of Economics and Business. More information about the programs is published on the website and Fanpage of the University.

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Tu Anh (trans.)

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