When gender education comes with business and media

Love, friendship, health, and gender are "pieces" that are closely related. But do we have a good understanding of these issues? When placed from the perspective of Media and Marketing, how are friendship, love, health and gender related? The answer was found in the workshop “Love, friendship, health, and gender” held by VNU University of Economics and Business on 17th July 2021 with speakers - Journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh - Head of Student Department, Tien Phong Newspaper and PhD. Dao Thi Thu Trang – Lecturer of The Faculty of Development Economics.

Friendship, love, gender and health are always linked by an invisible bond. Therefore, gender and health education for adolescents is very important.

Journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh


However, each age group needs different approaches. For students, it is more convenient to learn and analyze issues around friendship, love, health and gender because they have accumulated basic knowledge. However, they also need to increase their understanding through consulting.

During the workshop, students of VNU University of Economics and Business and two speakers had a lively discussion on these issues. UEBers had answers to their questions about love and career, how to cure "love disease" through lessons, stories, practical examples. The two speakers: Journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh and PhD. Dao Thi Thu Trang created a warm atmosphere and encourage students to share and ask.


Also at the workshop, UEB’s students have the opportunity to take an in-depth look behind the "career" stories of brands that use this issues to promote their products.

"The answer is the same as to the question "How to have a lover?" said journalist Nguyen Tuan Anh. As a rule of law, a relationship begins when people have feelings for each other, then likes and gets to know the other person, ends up in love. This is the same as the sales mechanism (AIDCA: Attention - Interest - Desire - Conviction - Action). To attract customers, that brand needs to make customers feel interested in their products, stimulate the psychology of buying, convince customers with the value of the product.


The two guest speakers and the students discussed the link between "love story" and "economic story"


To do this, sellers must spend time researching and developing their products based on the needs of their customers. Through their story on "How to have a Lover," the two speakers made it easier for students to have a broader view of the business, how to research and develop products, how to reach customers, and how to communicate a brand's message etc.

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Tu Anh (trans.)

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