Alumni Nguyen Van Thinh: Youth is about embarking to life and conquering challenges

Youth is the most beautiful stage of life. We are young, we have dreams and ambition. We try our best to achieve these things! Let's meet a prominent alumnus of the UEB, Nguyen Van Thinh from QH-2007-E International Business, who has gained remarkable achievements at a very young age!

During his four years of studying at VNU University of Economics and Business, Thinh has acquired not only professional knowledge but also self-developed himself with a lot of soft skills. As many of his fellows at the UEB, Thinh had many opportunities to participate in cultural and academic exchange programs with international students such as: student and cultural exchange, international student forums and seminars. Thanks to such an international environment, Thinh has acquired deep knowledge, soft skills and language proficiency to earn the master's degree in Community Economics from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan.

At Hitotsubashi University, Nguyen Van Thinh earned rewards for his excellent academic achievement and award for the best master's thesis on the topic of “Impact of the organization on the activities of companies in the transformational economy.”


Nguyen Van Thinh with his professor Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Viet Khoi – Director of UEB Center for International Training and Education in Japan

Not many young people are confident enough to take a “difficult task” such as becoming researcher at the Central Institute for Economic Management, the agency responsible for developing and consulting effective policies for the development of Vietnam's economy. Thus, working with leading experts in the field of economics is a challenge but also a "golden opportunity" for young people like Nguyen Van Thinh to learn. During his time here, Thinh chose to study state-owned enterprise reform and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thinh receives the master degree at  Hitotsubashi University

The passion for research grew in him when Thinh co-founded the non-profit project: F-Group Vietnam - an independent network that promotes the community's consensus on free markets and individual freedom through academic seminars, published publications. As the leader of the project, Thinh has built a network to provide information and training to hundreds of students with knowledge of market economics.

Thinh with his friends at the UEB 
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Tu Thanh (Trans.)

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