Seminar on training on credits program

On 3rd November 2007, UEB’s campus in My Dinh, Hanoi, Faculty of Banking and Finance (UEB - VNU) organized a seminar on training on credits program for their students of course K51, K52.

Attending were Assoc. Prof. Dr Trinh Thi Hoa Mai, Dean of Banking and Finance Faculty; Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, Head of Training and Scientific Research Department and students of course K51, K52.

At the seminar, Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuan presented basics of Regulations on training at VNU (promulgated on 10th September 2007) and MOET’s policy on training on credits program.

With a lively discussion among students and representatives from Training and Scientific Research Department and Banking and Finance Faculty, many questions of students were solved.

This was an occasion for students of Banking and Finance Faculty to express their feelings, desires, and questions about training on credits program for their teachers to answer.

Almost the questions focused on such problems as: the specific number of credits for students to take a graduation paper or a graduation examination; tuition for learning more 2nd specialization; the role of teachers to their students in training on credits program; shortening the training course; granting degrees to post-graduate students; method of checking trainingeffort and attendance…

The training on credits program has been publicizing since the beginning of the new academic year; however, until now, many students still said that they did not really understand about this new training program. On behalf of many other UEB’s students, Tu Thi Thu Hang (class QH-2007-E CLC) said: “I attend this seminar with the aim of having a clearer understanding about training on credits program. The very first feeling of us is that this new training program can develop our self-discipline, activeness and creativeness …, yet, it is quite new, we feel so embarrassed.”

Most of students at the seminar agreed with the training on credits program and hoped UEB, Youth Union, as well as Students Association would organize more seminars to help them gain better study results with this new type of training program.

Thuy Hanh

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