UEB meets to deploy the application of ISO system

In response to the application ISO 9001 Quality Management System, on 4th November 2009, ISO Steering committee of University of Economics and Business - VNU had a working session with representatives from UEB units to deploy the application ISO system and surmount limitations from the first internal assessment.

Attending to the working session were Dr. Tran Anh Tai - Chairman of ISO Steering Committee, Vice Rector of UEB - VNU, and representatives from departments and ISO responding staffs.

At the working session, ISO Steering Committee announced the limitations during ISO based management system applying process after the first assessment. Furthermore, the working session concluded the policy, methods to deploy and surmount the limitations in order to gain the expected results through the second internal assessment.

Heads of departments also agreed with the guideline of Board of Directors and determined to surmount shortcomings to complete ISO 9001 applying at the beginning of 2010.

Nguyen Minh Duc - Photo: Thuy Dung

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