The UEB announced AUN quality assessment result of the honor bachelor program in International Economics

On 7th April 2011, the University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi hosted a press conference to announce the AUN-QA quality assurance results of honor bachelor training program in interntional economics.

At the conference, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son - UEB Rector has emphasized in his opening speech that the University of Economics and Business has always considered program quality as a core value. “For the University of Economics and Business,” he continued, “quality assurance at domestic and international levels are extremely important. We determined oursleves that our programs must gain international standards by 2020.”

The University of Economics and Business’s honor bachelor program in international economics was externally accredited according to the AUN-QA on 8-6th December 2010. The assessment team included the professors from Thailand and Phillipines based universities and some representatives of the AUN directorial and secretary boards.

Before they visited the University of Economics and Business for three days, the delegation had spent a month to study the self-assessment report submitted by the UEB. Then the delegation members worked with themselves to assess the program on every single item. They concluded that it gain a mark of 4.69.

As concluded, the bachelor program in international economics (honors) had an effective
system of quality assurance. According to the assessment items and standards, the program satisfied the AUN requirement. A majority of the program items and especially the “Quality of Students” were ranked good. In general, it satisfied well and effectively all AUN -QA standards and items.

This is one of the five Vietnamese academic programs assessed and achieved the AUN-QA standards but it is the second best so far.

The high mark that the University’s program gained has proved that it is one of the top programs in economics in Vietnam and in the region. Also assessed by the team, the fact that the University of Economics and Business attracted young lecturers who gained doctoral degree from world-class universities and students who passed the entrance exams with top makrs join in its programs has made it a leading research and education institute. The University is absolutely able to fulfill its goal of providing a high quality human resource. Most gradue students included students of the honor bachelor program in international economics are now working in the fields they had been trained and adapt successfully in their working enviroment.

With the success of the program’s quality assurance, the University of Economics and Business go on investing in other academic programs to be ranked equally to the regional and international universities with similar programs.

What is AUN- QA?

AUN-QA meaning quality assurance standards of the ASEAN University Network was approved in 1998. Many activities under the network have been implemented since 1999. The Vietnam National University, Hanoi has made active contributions to this network and its performance. Since its early establishment, the network set quality as an important goal for the international integration of the ASEAN universities. Moreover, it has created a condition for the academic programs run by the ASEAN universities to be circulated and mutually recognized.

The AUN-QA consists of 18 standards and 74 items (depending on sector and type of program). Each item is assessed on a 1-7 point scale, out of which 7 is the highest. In order to achieve the quality assurance set by AUN, an academic program must gain a mark of 4 at least (for all activities related to development and implementation of a program with clear evidences and effectiveness). So far, there has been only one program getting the highest mark of 5.15.

The honor bachelor program in international economics

The undergraduate program in international economics (honors) recently accreditated by the AUN-QA was launched in 2004. It was actually originated from the undergraduate program in international economics operated since 1995. Students of this program must have passed a university entrance examination with a certain floor mark level, take an English test (excluded students who already have an IELTS certificate of 0.5 or higher) and an interview required by the University of Economics and Business and the sector of international economics. In order to ensure that the students’ future career competences, the program is regularly improved in terms of contents, teaching & learning methods, and quality assurance.

In 2009, the program was assessed externally by the Vietnam National University, Hanoi. It was recognized to have satisfied the international and regional assessment standards.

In 2010, the program was chosen to be assessed with the AUN-QA and concluded that it has also met the AUN-QA required standards.

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