Commencement for 126 MBA of Benedictine joint training program

University of Economics and Business - VNU has solemnly organized the Commencement convocation of the joint MBA training program between the university and Benedictine University (The US) at National Convention Center.

PhD. William J. Carroll - Benedictine University President, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Phung Xuan Nha - VNU Vice President, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son - UEB Rector, Mr. Nguyen Hinh - Benedictine University Representative and many UEB staffs, new masters and their relatives have participated in the ceremony.

To open the convocation, all new masters entered the hall in solemn atmostphere and participants’ joy.

In his congratulations, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son - UEB Rector has not forgotten to sent his regards to the new masterss relatives, UEB faculties and staffs for their contributions, devotion and company during the course. As he stated, a commencement is the start of a new journey, he believed that it is a bright beginning for each master. The Rector of UEB also shared his warm emotion and hope that new masters would develop a united alumni community and comprehensive cooperation for mutual development, setting a foundation for the house of the Alumni Club of Benedictine University MBA program at UEB VNU.

PhD. William Carroll confirmed that the sacred moment is considered a reward for the efforts during the past journey. He did not forget to send his encouragement  to former MBA students: See challenges as opportunities; see friends as gifts; see knowledge as the beginning of wisdom.”

Special guest of the ceremony Assoc.Prof.PhD. Phung Xuan Nha - VNU Vice President, Former Rector of the UEB has cordially congratulated the new masters and the whole University of Economics and Business for the initial achievement.

At the convocation, on behalf of 126 newmasters, Mr. Duong Thanh Tung has sincerely expressed his thanks to the leaders of University of Economics and Business, Benedictine University, Center for International Training and Education (UEB). In the emotion, he, representing all the new master, promised to employ the knowledge learned in practical work and expected that leaders of two universities would continue to organize such a good programs to support the needs of research and further study in Vietnam.

Also on this occasion, the Club of MBA Benedictine’s Almni in Vietnam has official launched with the 126 first members.

After graduation, the new masters will continue their new path, and as UEB Rector stated, the University has always been welcoming them back to continue their further study.

PhD. William Carroll and Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son award excellent monitors of four MBA classes.

Leaders of two universities confer the degree to new masters.

The joy of a new sucess, a new progess.

Thuy Dung

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