QH-2007-E students successfully defend their graduation thesis

From 31st May to 5th June 2011, QH-2007-E students of University of Economics and Business - VNU have successfully defended their graduation thesis - the “final assignment” of student life.

As informed by Office of Academic Affairs - UEB, QH-2007-E training course has 96 students who are capable to implement the graduation thesis. Among them, there are 8 students from School of Business, Faculty of Political Economics has 12 students, Faculty of International Business and Economics has 39 students (including 16 students of Honor program) and there are 37 students from Faculty of Finance - Banking.

The defending presentations are taken place at NTC campus and E4 Building - UEB in solemn atmosphere. As a result, 100% QH-2007-E students successfully defended their graduation thesis. Notably, there are many papers received high assessment and were encouraged to apply to 2011 student research activity, among which the topic “ Creative industry in Vietnam - Situation and Solutions”by Bui Khac Linh (QH-2007-E KTCT). As for Honor program students, all the thesis have received high points, in which there were three highest mark of 10 went to Le Thi Thuy, Nguyen Van Thinh and Tu Thi Thu Hang.

Remarking on thesis this year, UEB faculty members believed that QH-2007-E students have been accurate in selecting topics, which have high practicability and reasonability.

Lecturers and students of Faculty of Political Economics at the thesis defending ceremony.

Graduation gift from a mother has progeny studying at UEB.

Related to thesis topics, UEB faculty members expected that UEB students would continue to the research to have further contributions.


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