Highest university examination entrance score into UEB is 28

University of Economics and Business - VNU has announced its entrance scores on 25/7/2011. The highest score of A major reaches 28 and that of D1 is 27.

In 2011, the University of Economics and Business enrolled new students of both A and D1 majors for the following training programs: Economics, Development Economics, International Economics, Business Administration (International standard program), Finance - Banking and Accounting. There were 4,510 application documents submitted to the university, in which there were 3,347applications of A major and 1,163 of D1 major.

The examination result of the university’s candidates is quite high. Statistically, there have been 543 candidates who gain 20 or above. It is planned that the matriculation score into the university is similar to that of 2010.

As informed by UEB candidates and their parents, training programs of the university are increasingly interesting and diversified. Many parents hope their children to become UEB’s students. Apart from standard training programs, the university has the honor training program for International Economics major and Finance - Banking major and international standard training program for Business Administration major. University of Economics and Business also has many scholarships for outstanding students; opening other opportunities for research and exchange with international students, priority policy for special student (such as sparing for reducing fee; non-interest loans…) Additionally, UEB students also have the opportunities to take part in the double degree training program between the university and other VNU members.

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