Admission for 177 QH-2011-E master and doctoral graduates

On 15th November 2011, VNU University of Economics and Business has welcomed QH-2011-E master and doctoral graduates at the admission ceremony.

In the 2nd admission season of 2011, there have been 177 new graduates came to complete the register procedures (among 251 admitted candidates), reaching 70.5%. Among whom, there are 4 doctoral graduates of 2 majors: Business Administration (2), International Economics (2) and 173 master graduates of Business Administration (50), Economics Management (67), International Economics (8), Finance - Banking (26) and Political Economics (22).
Along with the detailed information of admission procedures and enthusiastic guidance of UEB staff, graduates have been facilitated to complete the procedure quickly.
This is the admission for the students who passed the entrance examination in the last September. Previously, on 27th August 2011, the UEB has admitted 288 graduates passed the first examination in 2011.
Admitted andidates who have not completed the procedure on 15th November continue to fulfill at Office of Academic Affairs, VNU University of Economics and Business.

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