UEB students receive Pony Chung Scholarship

On 28th November 2012, the awarding ceremony of Pony Chung Scholarship 2012 - 2013 (South Korea) for 24 students and six graduates of VNU has taken place. The VNU University of Economics and Business had two students and one graduate granted the scholarship.

Attending to the ceremony were Mr. Ha Chan Ho - Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Vietnam, Mr. Kim Jin-Hyun - President of Pony Chung Foundation and other representatives of Pony Chung and Hyundai Development Company Office in Vietnam.
From the VNU, there were Assoc.ProfDr. Nguyen Kim Son, Vice President of VNU; together with representatives of VNU’s unit members and students, graduate who received the scholarship.
The three UEB students and graduate received the scholarship also attended to the ceremony, namely:
-  Nguyen Thi Hien, student of QH-2010-E Finance - Banking
- Trinh Hong Thai, student of QH-2010-E Development Economics
- Tran Thi Hong Bich, graduate of QH-2011-E.CH Economic Management
Pony Chung is an annual scholarship by the Pony Chung Foundation (Hyundai Group) which awards to outstanding students, graduates of VNU with $500/per capita. This is the fifth time when Pony Chung Foundation awarded scholarships for VNU’s students. With the aim to encourage and motivate young people to strive for their study and research to contribute to the human resource development, the total number of scholarships funded by the Pony Chung Foundation was up to 150.
Pony General Foundation does not only help students enjoy better study conditions, but also opens up new opportunities for them to access modern technologies and advance methods of a major corporation like Hyundai.

Thach Anh - Minh Anh

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