Training course on English teaching qualification

The training course co-organized by the VNU University of Economics and Business and VNU University of Languages and International Study in the aim of improving lecturers’ teaching skills of technical subjects in English was opened on 1 July 2013.

The ceremony received the presence of VNU-UEB Vice Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, VNU-ULIS Rector Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hoa and leaders of some ULIS’s departments as well as lecturer of the training course Dr. Hoang Thi Hanh.

At the ceremony, leaders of the VNU-UEB and VNU-ULIS affirmed the effective coordination of the two universities in implementing the last training courses and hoped to continue to cooperate in other activities in the future. The two universities leaders also hoped that the learners have a useful course and gain desired objectives.

In 2009, the first training course of teaching methods of English technical subjects by the UEB and ULIS was successfully organized. The course was designed as the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) qualification by Cambridge ESOL for 22 lecturers of the UEB’s honor training programs and international joint training programs.
After the success of the first course, in which all the lecturers were granted the TKT certification, the UEB continued to organized the second course for eight young faculty members in 2010.

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is considered  as one of the prestigious certificates of English competence worldwide for lecturers, conferred by Cambridge ESOL under Cambridge University (England) one of the world leading universities.

Following the success of two previous courses, the UEB is organizing other courses for young faculty members, who are teaching in honor training programs, international standard and joint international programs. The university is extending the training course to other universities including the University of Agriculture, Academy of Journalism and Communication, Banking Academy, VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hai Phong University, Phu Tho University…

The course of this year was complete in terms of curriculum and the practicality. Participating to the course, learners are accessing effective methods of teaching English subjects, practicing by lecturing these subjects in class, which will be recorded and analyzed by experts.
The training course takes place from July 1 to August 2 2013 with 60 classes. The learners are participating in a test to get TKT certification by Cambridge ESOL when finishing the course.
The course once again confirmed the awareness of the UEB in developing its faculty members to become high-qualified and professional instructors in English teaching, to better serve the teaching quality towards international level of the university. Moreover, the course also contributed to assert and promote the cooperation between the VNU-UEB and VNU-ULIS in particular as well as with other VNU memers in general.

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