New students of QH-2013-E of VNU-UEB enrolled

New students conducted the admission procedure
On August 23rd, 2013, students who were admitted into VNU-UEB from the university entrance exam 2013 conducted the admission procedure. The eventful atmosphere of the new academic year was begun.

Before this, the preparation stages were aggressively and carefully done by the staff of the departments and related parts so that the admission procedure was conducted quickly and complied with a formality. The directional announcements for new students were updated on the VNU-UEB’s website from the previous days which helped new students and their parents more initiative in conducting admission procedure.

In this morning, the volunteers of VNU-UEB were present quite early in some important latches (the gate of VNU, the gate of VNU-ULIS, the entrance to the E4) to ready to guide new students and their parents to the procedure workplace. Sharing with us, Dinh Anh Tuan - a member of the volunteer team said: “This year, the procedure workplace was different from the previous years, so our team had to divide into different parts at different latches to be convenient for directing students and their parents. 

Besides, The Youth Union and Student Association of VNU-UEB continuously coordinated to welcome new students who came for enrolling with many activities such as guiding them procedure process, introducing and giving them the handbook with the theme of “Hi K58”; it was an introduction of the information of VNU-UEB, the student’s clubs, the outstanding activity of VNU-UEB’s students in the previous year, and more other useful information that help new students in the early days at university. This was the second year that the handbook was carried out and gave to new students.

Furthermore, the hotline 01694.744.066 of VNU-UEB’s Youth Union that started operation from the early of August was also an efficient helping channel to new students and their parents.

Vu Khac Nhuong - father of a new student of Faculty of International Business and Economics cheerfully told us that coming to today’s procedure, he and his daughter were received an enthusiastic introduction from the volunteers, so all the procedures were quickly completed.

After enrolling, the new students of VNU-UEB will participate in some main activities of the early year such as the classroom activities (26/8), the introduction of looking up the study’s document and library’s information (27-29/8), studying politic of the early year (4/9)… (The beginning of term 2013-2014 will be held on September 19th, 2013 at Me Tri dormitory - VNU, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

According to the information of the Office of Academic Affairs of VNU-UEB, on Aug 23rd, there were 324 of total 407 new students who enrolled. The specific number of disciplines: Economics (37), International Economics (90), Business Administration (48), Accounting (72), Finance and Banking (49), and Development Economics (28).

The students who didn’t enrol this day may register at room 305, block E4, VNU-UEB, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi. The students who haven’t completed the profile could continuously add at the faculty offices.


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