Book: Administration of human resources in enterprises - 2 volums

Author: Dr. Ha Van Hoi

Publisher: Post Office Publishing House

Publishing year: Hanoi

Published location: 2007

Size: 14.5 x 20.5cm

Number of pages: Volum 1: 280 pages, Volum 2: 332 pages

The book "Administration of human resources in enterprise" includes two volums. Volume 1 has seven chapters. Volume 2 has 10 chapters. This is a fairly comprehensive book of human resource management in enterprises, including analysis and planning of human resources, recruitment, capacity building, human resources development as well as organizing, evaluating, motivating and sustaining human resources of businesses.

The book was designed in a modern manner with case-study to introduce knowledge, ideas, basic skills of human resource administration for managers, undergraduate and graduate students of the Business Administration academic program and others interested in business administration.

This document is really needed for the research about the theoretical and practical issues of human resource management in enterprises, helping readers to understand and apply to enhance the effectiveness of human resource management when Vietnam is integrating itself into the world economy

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