Book: ASEAN Economic Communicty (AEC): Content and Roadmap

Author: Nguyen Hong Son (Co-writer)

Publisher: Publishing House of Social Sciences

Publishing year: 2009

Published location: Hanoi

Size: 14.5 x 205cm

Number of pages: 228

In the book ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): Content and Roadmap, the author introduces a variety of recommendations to highten Vietnam’s participation in in the AEC. The author analysed the objectives, contents and roadmaps of AEC implementation. At the same time, he also discussed how Vietnam should participate in ASEAN economic coporeration programs.

The book is a highly practical and neccessary source that the policy makers in Vietnam should never bypass. By reading the book, they will find effective measures to increase Vietanm-ASEAN economic corperation and Vietnam’s international integration. If it can be done so, the benefits of the integration will be maximized and its impacts will be minimized especially when Vietnam became an official member of WTO.

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