Book: Vietnam Economy in 2008: Downturn and Challenges for Renovation

Author: Research Team, VEPR, University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Publisher: Tri Thuc Publishing House

Publishing year: 2009

Published location: Ha Noi

Size: 16x24 cm

Number of pages: 357

The 2008 witnessed the drastic changes in the world econmy. Due to the economic downturn occuring around the world, Vietnam’s economy with severe unbalances at the macro level was challenged much. It reflected through high budget deficits, high deficits of current account and the existance of dollarization. In order to find measures to solve the current economic problems, the research team of

VEPR would like to introduce readers the book “Vietnam Economy in 2008: Downturn and Challenges for Renovation.”

The book “Vietnam Economy in 2008: Downturn and Challenges for Renovation” has eight chapters and two appendixes. Surely, it is a greatly useful resource for managers, policy makers, researchers and any individuals who are interested in the macro economics in Vietnam.

University of Economics and Business

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