Book: International Economics

Author: Khu Thi Tuyet Mai, Vu Anh Dung

Publisher: VNU’s Publishing House

Publishing year: 2009

Published location: Hanoi

Size: 16 x 24 cm

Number of pages: 369

The book „International Economics“ provides readers with a basic knowledge of international economics and update models in economic analysis so that they will be able to reason economic phenomenans occuring in the world economy nowadays.

The major issues discussed in the book are included: trade basis and benefits; patterns of trade between countries; causes and impacts of trade barriers and new protectionism; international models of resource migration: reasons, patterns and welfare benefits; factors, features and balance on the foreign exchange market; determination of exchange rate; concept and the importance of international balance of payment, etc.

The book is introduced to facilitate lecturers, researchers and students in teaching, researching and studying international economics at economics faculities and/or universities as well as individuals who are interested in this field.


University of Economics and Business

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