Book: Adjusting FDI policies into Vietnam in economic integration

Author: Phung Xuan Nha (Chief writer)

Publisher: VNU’s Publishing House

Publishing year: 2010

Published location: Hanoi

Size: 16 x 24 cm

Number of pages: 298

Adjusting FDI policies into Vietnam in economic integration.

FDI into Vietnam has been increasing impressively with significant contributions to the industrialization and modernization. Although many criteria were set to increase FDI resources such as simplifying administrative procedures, financial distribution and management, Vietnam’s competitive competence to attract FDI seems to be limited due to various constrains. In the book “Adjusting FDI policies into Vietnam in economic integration”, it has pointed out what limitations of FDI policies are, why the adjusted FDI policies have little impacts and what need to be done to make the FDI policy adjustment successfully.

University of Economics and Business

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