Book: An overview on Political Economics

Implementing the VNU-UEB’s policy of innovating the curriculum and textbooks, the UEB’s Faculty of Political Economics has successfully compiled the textbook An overview on Political Economics with the quantity of three credits.

Authors: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Van Dung (Chief author), Dr. Vu Thi Dau, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mai Thi Thanh Xuan
Publishing house: Publishing house of Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Year of publishing: 2012
Place of publishing: Hanoi
Size: 16cm x 24cm
Number of pages: 412, paperback
Political economics has a long-standing history. However, it was not until A. Smith and D. Ricardo that Political economics became a science. K. Marx and F. Elgels have inherited the scientific achievements of the British classic school of political economics and developed the theory to a new hight. After K. Marx and F. Elgels, many scientists have made outstanding contributions to the science of political economics. When compiling the textbook, the authors have relied on the scientific achievements.
The development of Political economics associated with the development of market economy. Therefore, the research issues of Political economics start from the demands of the economy. The research content is designed in accordance with the level and the main characteristics of each stage of development of the market economy: a commodity economy, the free market economy and modern market economy. Furthermore, the research content is also sticking with the specific issues of Vietnam’s market economy today.
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