Book: International Payments

The Course book of International Payments provides basic knowledge of international payment and commercial sponsorship for students of the Faculty of International Business and Economics and the Faculty of Finance and Banking - VNU University of Economics and Business.

Author: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi
Publishing House: Publishing House of Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Year of Publication: 2012
Place of Publication: Hanoi
Format: 16cm x 24cm
Number of pages: 642, paperback
The course book’s content includes the following major issues:
- Nature, role and necessity of international payment operations in the context of globalization and economic integration.
- The principle means of payment that enterprises often apply in international trade.
- The international payment conditions and how to apply such conditions in transacting and performing international trade contracts.
- The principle methods of international payment such as money transfer, collection, documentary credit, etc.
- Nature, processes and how to apply factoring in international trade.
About the author:
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi is a lecturer of the UEB’s Faculty of International Business and Economics. He has been teaching and researching international economics, international economic relations, trade and services in general and exporting services in Vietnam in particular. He is the author/co-author of several course books, monographs, reference books, book chapters, and studies about the world economy, international economics relations and trade, etc. In addition, he has been acting as a consultant for a number of international businesses and organizations in Vietnam.
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