“Vietnam M&A Review: In Search of Synergy”

Vietnam M&A Review: “In search of synergy” was translated from Vietnam M&A Review 2011-2012: “Đi tìm giá trị cộng hưởng”. It focus on how to create synergies through M&A - the matter of concern for many international corporate leaders, and so it is for Vietnamese enterprises.

Authors: Vu Anh Dung, Dang Xuan Minh

Publishing house: Science and Technics

Publishing year: 2013

Place of publication: Hanoi

Size: 16x24cm

Number of pages: 320 pages

Price: 350,000 VND

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) is popular for business and investors worldwide, thus M&A transactions of over 3,000 billion USD are conducted every year according to statistics collected by Thomson Reuters.

In Vietnam, M&A became known through M&A deals, or deals with M&A features, such as Da Lan toothpaste acquired by PG, Kinh Do acquired Walls ice-cream of Unilever, Pacific Airlines sold shares to Quantas, Dai-ichi insurance company acquired Bao Minh CMG and more.

During the last 10 years, the value of M&A in Vietnam, with the cooperation of the M&A Forum, University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi plan to implement a research program on anlysis and assessment for the composition of an annual publication named “Vietnam M&A Review”. According to this plan, every year, this program will make a report to sum up the activity of mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam, poiting out the macro factors and enviromental conditions affecting M&A transactions in the coming year. This publication is more than an annual report in that it includes profound analysis of various aspects and specific topics related to M&A, especially the study, analysis and evaluation of typical deals of the year.

To provide readers with inside knowledge on M&A, we are honoured to introduce Vietnam M&A Review with theme In Search of Synergy; consisting of 2 main parts: Part 1 - Synergy; Part 2 - Analysis on the synergy value of typical M&A deals in Vietnam. In addition the publication also provides an appendix (as Part 3) on overview of M&A worldwide, regionally and in Vietnam.

This publication is the combination of studies and analysis on the overview of M&A in Vietnam so as to provide knowledge, experience, analysis, assesment and perspective through typical and specific deals. Our goal is to offer knowledge and information as well as lessions for our dear readers, especially state-owned organizations, investors, businesses, groups and individuals with comprehensive information and analysis about the M&A activity going on the year before and that which is propective for the near future.

Prof. Dr. Christopher Kummer, President of the Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances - Swiss said: “I hold in high esteem the idea, the effort and the work of the authors. As far as I am aware, this is the first publication about M&A in Vietnam; and it is not only a good reference for academic readers but also for managers and leaders who are seeking and understanding of practical experience. The publication presents the overview of M&A trends and activities in the world and in Vietnam. Beyond that, it explores the most important and interesting aspect of M&A - the creation of synergy; and brings up great case studies which focus on synergy. I hope to work with the authors to bring this study to international readers.”

Mr. Chu Viet Cuong, CEO of SOVICE, Advisor to Managerment Board of HDBank commented: “Vietnam M&A Review - In search of Synergy brings to readers an interesting discovery journey on investment and M&A deals in Vietnam. Analysis on synergy are in depth and thoughtful. I strongly believe this publication is valuable to Vietnamese and foreign businessmen to think of M&A trategiesfor their companies.


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