Project title: Natural environment and economic growth in Vietnam (KT.06.04)

Code: KT.06.04

Duration: 2006 -  2007

Participants: University of Economics and Business, Vietnam national university, Hanoi

Manager: MA. Nguyen Huu So

Participants: Dr. Nguyen Tran Que - international economic Insitution and MA. Vu Thuy Anh - post-graduate education department, Vietnam national university, Hanoi

Result obtained: Accepted

Summary of targets, contents and results::

Environment or natural environment has a closed relationship with the economic growth in every country. To ensure a good environment for all nation existence and development in the world in general and for nations with low living standards and underdeveloped technology and science in particular is an urgent issue and a big challenge.

On the other hand, in the sustainable development strategy in every country, environment protection need to be taken into consideration and notice to do with great effort as regulated in the sustainable development. One of important content in sustainable development is environment protection, including biology environment

The process of socio-economic operation in every country now has a contradiction. That is the desire to develop its economy as fast as possible by any means which have resulted in the scarce, pollution and exhaustion of natural resources. Fast development of labor force and modern science and technology revolution contribute to make environment populated severely by various kinds of rubbish with enlarging populated scope, for example, solid waste, gas waste, liquid waste cause air, land and water even underground water polluted our living environment in every moment.

Also, the incredible economic development, formation of economic zones or processing zones or urbanization areas, and the booming of traditional trade villages in local areas in the market economy cause serious recession of environment.. Along with such causes, unawareness due to lack of knowledge, a subjective point of view and irresponsibility on themselves and the community makes our environment even much more severely vulnerable and damaged. On the other hand, pursuing profits without any reasonable allocation of such profits amongst individual, family and society leads to such environment status as mentioned above.

In view of such fact, there is a need to take actions to improve the situation and make environment better. At first, an agreement that focusing on the sustainable development as mentioned in the document of tenth national party conference: “protecting environment and developing society” should be reached. To implement it, several measures should be carried out. Details are:

  • Firstly, the economy needs to be developed continuously, stably and in long term, contributing to provision of better conditions to improve and develop a sustainable environment.

  • Secondly, it is about technology. Modern and advanced technology should be carefully selected to avoid the situation that our country would become industrial rubbish dump of developed industrial countries. Some technological and technical fields should be focused to be leading ones in the world.

  • Thirdly, solutions are on education, media propaganda on mass population, inspiration to responsibility and awareness on environment. It is needed to combine several ways to improve in building new ideal characteristics for citizens in a socialist country. Meantime, the State should actively take part in environmental activities in relation with other countries in the region and through out the world as well.

Taking such measures will lead our environment to be continuously improved and a long-term sustainable development.

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