Project title: Reasons for the US financial crisis (KT.09.02)

Code number: KT.09.02
Coordinators: MA. Tran Viet Dung

Implementing institution: University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Duration: 2009 - 2010

Using secondary data and theories to explain and analyze the reasons why the US financial crisis happened. The research results will be used as teaching material for the course of International Finance.

Main contents:

Chapter I: Evolution of the US Financial Crisis

Chapter II: Reasons of the US Financial Crisis

Chapter III: Some conclusions

3. Results obtained:

The US financial crisis in 2007 was directly derived from the subprime mortgage lending and securitization under the loossen regulation. The global imbalances indirectly lead to the crisis but it was the main factor causes the crisis contagion.

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