Project title: Comparative research on ACU and ECU (KT.07.06)

Code number: KT.07.06

Coordinators: MA. Nguyen Thi Vu Ha

Implementing institution: University of Economics and Business, VNU Hanoi

Duration: 2007 - 2009


Research and compare ACU and ECU in some aspect such as: the conditions to establish a Common Currency Unit and objectives of the Common Currency Unit to encourage the process of launching and developing ACU.

Main contents:

  • Chapter I: Basis of Arguments of a Common Currency Unit
  • Chapter II: ACU and ECU: Some comparative criteria
  • Chapter III: Prospective of ACU and some suggestions

Results obtained:

European Currency Unit (ECU) launched in 1979 and played an important factor to manage the monetary system in EU for 30 years. ECU also was a factor to build EURO - the regional currency in EU. However, the Asia Currency Unit (ACU) is still a currency in plan of Asia Development Bank although it was inform to launch in 2006. This paper focuses on comparing ACU and ECU in some criteria to encourage the process of launching and developing ACU.

University of Economics and Business

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