Project title: Unofficial economy area: reality and issues on management (QG.01.11)

Code: QG.01.11

Duration: 2001 - 2003

Presiding Institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Implementing institution: Faculty of Economics - VNU

Manager: Dr. Pham Van Dung

Members: Dr. Le Danh Ton, Dr. Phan Huy Duong, MA. Vu Thi Dau, MA. Mai Thi Thanh Xuan, MA. Le Thi Hue, Dr. Nguyen Quy Thanh, BA. Tran Quang Tuyen, BA. Ta Duc Thanh.

Results obtained: Good

Main contents:

With the methods of statistic, comparison, analysis and collection, the project indicates:

- The opinion of unofficial economic area.

- The role and position of unofficial economic area in socio-economy development in Vietnam in the past few years.

- The solutions for developing the possitive points and limiting the negative impacts of this economic area.


- Hanoi trade village in the market economy mechanism.

- Hanoi trade village with job solution.

- Some current issues of seasonal emigration in rural and urban areas in Vietnam.

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