Project title: Emigration from surrounding rural areas into Hanoi recently: reality and solution (QK.01.03)

Code: QK.01.03

Duration: 2001 - 2003

Presiding Institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Implementing institution: Faculty of Economics - VNU

Manager: Dr. Ta Duc Khanh

Members: MA. Bui Thi Thiem, MA. Le Thi Hoang Thu, MA. Nguyen Huu So

Results obtained: Fairly good

Main contents:

With the methods of investigation, survey, analysis, collection, the project indicates:

- The theoretical foundation about the processes of emigration from surrounding rural areas into Hanoi.

- The fairly comprehensive analysis about the situation of the emigration and its impacts on the economy of Hanoi.

- Some aspects on the legal awareness about the issues of managing the process of emigration and labor movement into Hanoi.

- Some well-founded petitions about the state policies and the administration of Hanoi in solving the emigration issues.

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