Project title: Main solutions promote the consumption of agricultural products in Vietnam (QK.01.06)

Code: QK.01.06

Duration: 2001 - 2003

Presiding Institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Implementing institution: Faculty of Economics - VNU

Manager: Dr. Phan Huy Duong

Members: Dr. Pham Van Dung

Results obtained: Good

Main contents:

- Analyzing clearly the significant role of the consumption of agricultural products in rural development and the experiences of some countries in promoting the production and consumption of agricultural products.

- Analyzing logically and scientifically the realistic consumption of agricultural products in Vietnam recently in terms of achievements and limitations; Clarifying the reasons having influence on the development of agriculture in aspect of process industry; the low competitiveness of agricultural products; difficulties of policy and other current issues relating to the consumption of agricultural products.

- In order to promote the consumption of agricultural products in Vietnam, it is necessary to implement a series of solutions synchronously, regularly and continuously.

- Completing the plan, building the large scale of the specializing area for growing; encouraging the economic sectors to take part in production and business activities, production of agricultural products; developing the process industry; diversifying the products; improving the quality and the competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products in both domestic and foreign markets ; accomplishing the policy system relating to production and consumption of agro-forestry products and seafood.

Contributions: 3 Bachelors.


- Producing and exporting the main industrial crops: Reality and Solution (Pham Van Dung) - Agriculture and rural development magazine, issue 10/2002.

- Difficulties and challenges of consuming the Vietnamese agricultural products (Phan Huy Duong) - Economy and development magazine, issue 8/2002.

- Some issues on agricultural market (Phan Huy Duong) - Agriculture and rural development, issue 11/2002.

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