Project title: Vietnam foreign economy policy since 1986 (QK.03.03)

Code: QK.03.03

Duration: 2003 - 2005

Presiding institution: Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Implementing institution: Faculty of Economics

Manager: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Huy Duong

Members: Dr. Phan Trong Thuc, MA. Nguyen Tien Hung

Results obtained: Fairly good

Main contents:

- Analyzing experience from foreign economy policies in some countries and the basis in forming and developing the foreign economy policy for the comprehensive innovation in Vietnam; clarifying the active impacts, limitations and reasons existing in implementing the policy of Vietnam foreign economy recently.

- Improving effects of implementing the policy of foreign economy in the condition of centralization in the region, and globalization, there are many opportunities and challenges that need to implement well the orientation of developing the policy and basic solutions: hold the self-control independence on economy in the process of developing the foreign economy; actively and successfully integrating the international economy... Those solutions need to be implemented synchronously, regularly and continuously.

Contribution: 1 Master, 3 Bachelors.


- Building the self-control and independent economy in the condition of opening and accessing the international integration (Phan Trong Thuc) - Community Magazine, Issue 26 September 2003.

- Creating many opportunities for enterprises to enhance the export ability (Phan Huy Duong, Le Xuan Dinh) - Community Magazine, Issue 4 February 2004.

- Production, processing and consumption of pineapples in Vietnam currently (Phan Huy Duong) - Agriculture and rural development Magazine, Issue 4 2003.

- Developing the State capitalism - The big idea of V.I Lenin (Phan Huy Duong) - Community Magazine, Issue 11 April 2003.

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