Project title: Service export policies in Vietnam's conditions of international economic integration (QK.08.01)

Code number: QK.08.01

Coordinator: Dr. Pham Van Chien

Duration: 6/2008- 6/2010

Main contents:

Renewing the economic thinking of the Communist Party of Vietnam is orientation of the innovation of Vietnam. The Party has consistently taken Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought as basis theories. Being consistent with the goal of socialism has been more appropriate concepts, forms, movement and measures in specific stages.

Compared with the period of construction of socialism in the model of central planning period from 1986 to 2005,the economic thinking of the Communist Party of Vietnam is renewed as follows:

1. Do not inherit the dogma of Marxism - Leninism, but inherits the quintessence of economic thought such as Ho Chi Minh.

2. Build a new model of path towards socialism in Vietnam with traditional and modern features; beside, combine the national independence and socialism, socialist construction and protection the nation; furthermore, combine the national liberation and class liberation and human liberation... and the purpose of construction of socialism is for the happiness of people ...

3. Build a new model of the economy during the period of transition to socialism in Vietnam, which is the market economy socialist orientation, this model has no precedent.

4. New concepts of the revolution of production relations. The first socialist renovation in the near future may be arranged and reorganize the state-owned sector.

5. Defining a new standard of assessment activities as well as guidelines, policies ... is the social and economic efficiency namely boosting productivity.

6. Develop concepts and steps of industrialization. That are industrialization combines with modernization, industrialization and modernization in combination with knowledge-based economy, the preparation of the prerequisites for industrialization, and the speeding up industrialization… Practical achievements in the renovation over the past decade have demonstrated the creativities of the Party which are reasonable and appropriate with objective rules. Consequently, the Vietnamese Party summary is not only significant for our country but also other countries. It can be said that each nation doing well for itself means that bringingsuccess for the world.

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