Project title: Industrialization models in the world and experience lesson for Vietnam (QK.07.04)

Code number: QK.07.04

Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mai Thị Thanh Xuan

Implementing institution: Faculty of Political Economy, University of Economics and Business - VNU

Duration: 6/2007 - 6/2009


- Systematize general theory on industrialization and industrialization model.

- Understanding the success and failures of previous industrialization models in order to find out some important lessons.

- Understanding the experiences of choosing the industrialization model of countries in the world.

- Applying these experiences in choosing the industrialization model for Vietnam under new environment.

- Suggest some conditions for implementing this industrialization model in Vietnam in the beginning of the 21st century.

Main contents:

- The industrialization started from England, and nowadays, it is expanded all over the world. Through understanding the experiences of countries in implementing industrialization, it is said that different industrialization models were applied, in which later models were better than previous models, hence, the duration of industrialization tend to be shorten from hundreds to tens years.

- Vietnam is one of the latter industrialization countries, hence, we have the ‘benefits of follow up’. However, in order to get these benefits, we need to find out a suitable industrialization model which is “shorten, socialism oriented, knowledge based and integrated industrialization and modernization” model. In implementing this model, many internal and external conditions are needed, especially the eco-technology base produced by previous industrialization countries; the deeply integration of Vietnam into the world economy; the high quality of labor force; and an efficiency government.

Results obtained:

+ To make clear on basic theory about industrialization and industrialization model;

+ Analyze industrialization models under different viewpoints and different circumstances;

+ Find out some experience lessons (success or failure) in choosing industrialization models in other countries.

+ Sketch out a new industrialization model for Vietnam in a new environment - “shorten, Socialism oriented, knowledge based and integrated industrialization and modernization”.

+ Analyze internal and external conditions for successfully implementing this new model in Vietnam in the beginning of the 21st century.

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