Project title: Logistics development in freight forwarding and transportation goods import & export in the context of Vietnam International Economic Integration (QK.09.08)

Code number: QK.09.08
Author: Assoc.Pror.Dr. Ha Van Hoi

Coordinator: Dr. Nguyen Duc Thung, MBA. Ngoc Hoai Nam

Duration: 6/2008 - 6/2010


The objective of the subject to clarify the following research questions:

1/ Why should develop in Logistics forwarding services, transportation commodity import and export of Vietnam?

2/ Status of Logistics in the application of logistics services, freight import and export of Vietnam in recent years has succeeded and what exists? Cause of that existence?

3/ Vietnam needs to do and how to develop a Logistics service stability and sustainable?

Main contents:

- Analysis of different concepts of Logistics and give a most general concept, covering most, shows the nature of the activity Logistics. Simultaneously, the project is to analyze and clarify the characteristics of Logistics, as a basis for planning development strategies of Logistics appropriately.

- Subject to deeper analysis of the practical application of logistics of some countries such as ASEAN, China, Japan, drawn to experience the application and development services in Vietnam.

- Based on survey work practices Logistics Vietnam from early 2000 back, Topics analyzed, evaluating the condition applied in the field of logistics logistics, freight import and export in Vietnam. Highlight specific contributions (although still little) of the Logistics sector for the economic development of Vietnam.

- Proposed solutions in developing Logistic forwarding, freight import and export in Vietnam in the near future on the basis of a combination of factors opportunities and challenges, strengths, weaknesses in the SWOT matrix table.

- Based on the shipping method SWOT analysis, the project has developed SWOT matrix as the basis for building solutions in logistics development logistic, Cargo Export in Vietnam in the near future.

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