Project title: The renovation process of management policy for tea-industry in Vietnam (QK.08.06)

Code number: QK.08.06

Author: PhD. Tran Duc Vui

Implementing institution: University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Coordinator: Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce

Duration: 6/2008 - 6/2010


- Evaluate the position, development prospect of tea-industry of the nation.

- Evaluate the status of management policy for tea-industry in the recent years.

- Propose some solutions for renovation of tea industry-management policy


The current research review all the theories and the facts concerning to the process of economic renovation in general as well as the management policy for tea-industry in particular in the past, especially in the period of implemented totally renovation track of Communist Party and the State. Based on the analysis of main characteristics of tea-industry, the development and consume trend in the domestic and the word, the research confirmed the position and the importance of tea-industry in the nation, hence, propose the necessary of renovation of the management policy for tea-industry and the solutions for its implement success in the future.

University of Economics and Business

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