Project title: Solutions for improvement in audit efficiency in Vietnam (QK.09.04)

Code number: QK.09.04
Author: Dang Duc Son
Associates: Pham Ngoc Quang

Implementing Institution: University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University.

Cooperating Institution(s): Department of Accounting Polycies, Ministry of Finance

Duration: 2009 - 2011


The aim of the study is to examine the efficiency of the implementation of audit services by audit firms in Vietnam

Main contents:

The main contents of the study are as follows:

-         Perceptions of the auditor of the role of independent audit.

-         The range of services supplied to customers.

-         Perceptions of the auditor of the audit quality.

-         The relationship between the auditor and customer.

-         Cost-benefit consideration.

Results obtained:

The study reveals that the range of audit services is limited and there is potentials for the introduction of more value added services to the customers. The auditors should play a role as a consultant or accounting advisor rather than an “outsider” only. A low-cost strategy is also applicable to improve the demand for audit services by small and medium customers.

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