Project title: Trade policies of the United States to China, the early years of the 21st century (QK.09.06)

Code: QK.09.06

Author: Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Chi


1.     Nguyen Thanh Tung - Ha noi Industrial and Trade Portal

2.     MA. Nguyen Xuan Trung - Institute of American Studies

3.     Vinh Bao Ngoc - University of Economics and Business, VNU

Implementing Institution: University of Economics and Business

Duration: From 9/2009 to 9/2011.


  • Analyze and clarify the impact factor as well as the views, the strategic objectives of U.S. trade policy toward China. Analyzing actual trade relations U.S. - China recently (since 2001), the outstanding issues as well as its impact to the U.S. trade policy toward China after China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • Analysis and assessment tools and measures in U.S. trade policy toward China from 2001 to now and some adjustments compared to the previous period. Simultaneously, subjects also analyzes China's first reaction of U.S. policy
  • Evaluation of U.S. trade policy toward China from 2001 to present and make predictions about the trend of U.S. trade policy toward China in the future under President B. Obama.
  • Make recommendations on policies for Vietnam in setting trade policy as well as establishing trade relations with the United States and China

Main Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Policy's strategy and factor of influence opinion. United States commerce with respect to china in pose first decade. small table XXI.
  • Chapter  2: Tool, measure in United States's businesses policies for China.
  • Chapter 3: Assessment of U.S. trade policy toward China
  • Forecast trends and policy implications for Vietnam.

Research outcomes:

 Analyzed the subject and clarify the views, goals strategies, tools and measures in U.S. trade policy with China recently, which made the recommendations for policy Vietnam in trade policy with two major partners.

Publication of the project:

Nguyen Thi Kim Chi, Outstanding issues in U.S. - China economic relations and the U.S. policies, Journal of American Studies, America today, No. 02, 2010.

Nguyen Thi Kim Chi  and Nguyen Xuan Trung, U.S. trade policy toward China in the first decade of the 21st century.

Applicable outcomes:

 Application as a reference for students of economics, the major world economy and international economic relations, external economic relations.

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